Road Trauma Outcome Study

The Road Trauma Outcome Study is a CIHR funded inception cohort study conducted in three BC hospitals: Vancouver General Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, and Kelowna General Hospital. This multi-centered study, led by Dr. Jeff Brubacher, will identify risk factors for a poor outcome following road trauma among drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. This study will also estimate health care costs and lost productivity for all road users. Data for this study comes from interviews with individuals who present to the ED within 24 hours following road trauma. Initial interviews shortly after the accident will determine pre-existing health status and other potential risk factors for a poor outcome. Follow-up interviews conducted at 2, 4, 6, and 12-months post ED visit are used to determine health outcome, functional recovery, health care costs, and lost productivity. Participants are enrolled in the ED and hospital wards. The aim of the study is to provide health care providers and policy makers with evidence they can use to improve health outcome for all road users following road trauma. The team has enrolled over 1400 participants since July 2018.

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