ATICO Research Newsletter | May 2022


 Thank you for participating in our Active Transportation Injury Circumstances and Outcome Study (ATICO)!

We are launching a monthly newsletter! The aim of this newsletter is to provide better communication with our participants, and updates of the study progress.

About the study:

Walking, cycling, and other forms of active transportation is promoted by urban planners and health officials for its environmental and health benefits. However, unlike vehicle occupants, active transport users have no protection in the event of a collision or fall and often sustain injuries. The Active Transportation Injury Circumstances and Outcome (ATICO) Study led by Dr. Jeff Brubacher will identify risk factors for health outcomes following an accident as a pedestrian, cyclist, or someone who uses an e-scooter, e-bike, or another micromobility device for active transportation. The study will also examine the injury circumstances and the road infrastructure at the accident location.

Data for this study will come from interviews with individuals who present to the Emergency Department (ED) within 48 hours following an active transportation injury. Participants will have an initial interview to determine pre-existing health/functional status and other potential risk factors for poor recovery outcomes and to gather information on the circumstances of the injury and the associated road infrastructure. Follow-up interviews at 2, 4, 6, and 12-months post-ED visit will determine health outcomes, functional recovery, healthcare costs and lost productivity. The study aims to provide healthcare providers with evidence they can use to improve health outcomes for active transportation users, and to help policymakers and city planners to develop better injury prevention strategies

This study started recruitment in January 2022 and will continue to recruit for 3 years.

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Research Progress as of April 29th, 2022:

Expansion of the study site to Surrey Memorial Hospital:

We will soon be expanding recruitment to include Surrey Memorial Hospital! We hope to examine different injury circumstances and expand for more diverse environment.


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